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TITLE: Every girl have a special thing in her own way
Monday, August 6 | 1:57 AM | 0 comments

Asalamualaikum. Here ! i want to share something :)

(I have 5 fingers for a reason) its was so cute ! 

The Blahblahblah sayings about the 

i) To show that im gonna be okay.. oh sure.. when im sad, i will not show to everyones.. i will act that nothing happen :D
ii) To pick out my dearest family member (Mom, dad, big brother, little sister and my cute little brother)
iii) For those bitches who push me to far... here we go again.. Stupid thing is always being stupis.. its can be changes, unless the bitch changes herself.. fuckkaaaa ! 

iv) For that special guy when the time is right. I will always love you ! and always stand with you all the times if you need me 
v) The Last ones !  For my best friends and the promises never be break.. I love you.. Although we were far, we were always stands one as apart :* 

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